COVID-19 Updates

Cancellation Policies

 I will be re-establishing my cancellation policies. I understand that things come up that are unavoidable, but from now on if your appointment is canceled within 24 hours of your appointment time, you will be charged 50% of your appointment cost. If you have a fever or any symptoms, you will be turned away anyway, so it’s best to give me a heads-up! No waxing appointment is more important than all of our health and safety.


Hands-free Payment Policies

I am currently offering hands-free payment methods only, no cash or cards will be accepted. You will receive an invoice in your email shortly after your appointment. Your payment is due within 24 hours after your service, preferably to be paid day of. If you have an unpaid balance I will not provide your next service. If your next service is within 24 hours and your previous invoice isn’t paid, your service will be canceled. You will also receive an additional invoice for half of your service cost. You will not be able to reschedule with me until all of your invoices have been paid. 


Appointment Policies

Waxi Taxi & Company is by appointment only, meaning that if you are 5 minutes late to your appointment, I will have to reschedule you. A certain amount of time is blocked out for each appointment so unfortunately when you show up late it will conflict with my next appointment which isn’t fair to clients that do show up on time. I will no longer be providing services to late clients. Again, I understand that things happen that are unavoidable so if you know you will be running late please shoot me a text or call me. My personal number is (970)-205-9733, if I don’t answer I’m most likely with a client, but you can call the salon number, (970) 893-4800 and they will pass the message along. 


One last thing…

I’ve gotten my cleaning routine down and will no longer be texting you that I am ready for you to let you know that you can come into the salon. At your appointment time, you may come into the salon, if I’m not done with my last client, sit tight and I will be with you shortly!”